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About us

The ECO SEAFOOD” company is a supplier of a number of well-known brands in Armenia and the only representative in Armenia. 
The ECO SEAFOOD company was founded in 2000. The company has made great strides over the years. 
From the first day of work to the present day, the main mission of our company is to provide the Armenian market with well-known, high-quality, constantly increasing products. 
The company has four warehouses (500 m2, 300 m2, 100 m280 m2), 2 of which are provided with a cooling mode (up to -18 C) and the necessary equipment. 
 The company provides daily direct delivery of goods in the city of Yerevan and the districts adjacent to Yerevan. 
 The company has representative offices in remote regions of the Republic of Armenia and in the Republic of Artsakh, which provide daily direct deliveries. 
Delivery is carried out by our own vehicles, 2 of which are in the mode (up to -4C). 


Our company has its own employee selection policy. We have been creating our team for a long time and carefully. Our managers are people who know everything about our products. They will be happy to tell You about its features and benefits. 
We love what we do, we are constantly developing, we regularly participate in various exhibitions and seminars. 


Our company is one of the leading companies in the Armenian market of soft drinks, seafood, and since 2020 the company has started importing confectionery products. 


The company is especially proud of its work in the Horeca sector. The restaurant business is a delicate area that requires special attention. Our company effectively uses its resources to maintain a high level of business reputation. 
Our company strives to provide our partners with maximum conditions, level of service and comfort. 
The company is always ready to accept new challenges that will be aimed at promoting product sales in Armenia.